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Highway Maintenance, Traffic Control, and Rentals

You Build and Repair the Roads or Bridges, We Do Everything Else!

– Highway Maintenance, Traffic Control and Equipment Rentals since 1994 –

Under Bridge Inspection Unit (UBIU)Under Bridge Inspection Unit
Truck Mounted Impact AttenuatorsTack Trucks
Portable Variable Message Signs (PVMS)Variable Message Signs
Portable Traffic SignalPortable Traffic Signal
Crafco Sealant Melters and Applicators (Tarpot)Tarpot
Tack Distributor TruckTack Trucks
Temporary Construction SignsTemporary Signs
Cones, Barrels, and Beacon LightsCones, Barrels and Signs
Speed Display TrailersSpeed Display Trailers
Solar Powered Arrow BoardsArrowboards
Portable Generator TrailersMobile Generator
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Equipment Rentals

Highway Construction Rentals for New York, Vermont, Massachusetts and Northern Pennsylvania.

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Highway Maintenance, Traffic Control & Rentals

  • Soil Erosion – Temporary Silt Dikes, Hay Bales, Silt fence, Tree Vegetation Fence and Turbidity Curtain
  • Work Zone Traffic Control – The purpose of work zone traffic control is to provide a safe work area for workers within the roadway, while facilitating the safe and orderly flow of all road users through the work zone. Certified Flaggers, Day and Night Lane Closures, Cones, Signs, Barrels, Rack Trucks, Lights
  • Under Bridge Inspection Unit (UBIU).
  • Tack Coat and Distributor Trucks
  • Longitudinal/Transverse Saw Cut Grooving of Bridge Decks
  • Temporary and/or Project Construction Signs
  • Sawing and Sealing of Joints and Cracks in Asphalt or Concrete Pavement
  • Landscaping
  • Rental – Portable Variable Message Signs, Arrow boards, Attenuator Trucks, Temporary Impact Attenuation Barrels, Tarpots, Temporary Concrete Barrier, Construction Signs, Traffic Control Devices, Tack Distributor Truck, Speed Display Trailers, Portable Traffic Signals and Portable Generators

Donnelly Construction Inc. is committed to our customer service and satisfaction and is a New York State Certified WBE/DBE, a Vermont State Certified DBE, and trusted by ISNetworld.
Certified WBEDBE CertifiedISNetworld Certified